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> Could someone please tell me what the arrangement for uploading binaries
> for different architectures is?  The m68k packages (and source patches BTW)
> are accumulating at U-Mainz and i think that i should start moving them over
> to master ...

I'm working right now on a detailed plan for restructuring the ftp directory
tree on master.debian.org, which I hope to announce this weekend.  The primary
goals of the reorganization are to deal with the issues raised by the ITAR
export restrictions on crypto tools, and to better structure the directories
to handle multi-architecture binaries.  The changes will happen in a scheduled,
controlled manner such that downstream mirror sites have the opportunity to
react and restructure without having to re-transfer lots of files.

I'm collecting email about sites that are interested in mirroring the bits,
and hope to work on documenting the mirroring processes as soon as the 
directory structure is worked out.  If you are running a mirror site, or want
to, please drop me a line and I'll be in touch over the weekend or next week
to work out details.

In the meantime, I've created ~ftp/private/m68k/Incoming.  You should be able
to upload to this directory using the 'upload' user with 'shipIT' password.


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