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Bug#2313: xterm keymapping problems suspected

Stephen Early:
   I'm open to suggestions about what the Debian X packages should do
   here.  My personal feeling is that giving the backspace key the
   BackSpace keysym and the delete keys the Delete keysym is the right
   way to go. I'm not too sure how to accomplish this; in particular I
   don't want to have any hard-coded keycodes in the packages, even in
   the sample config files. It may work for all of us, with our US or
   UK standard keyboards, but people using other keyboards could have

The right way to solve the problem is give the Linux console distinct
Backspace and Delete key symbols, so that X can pick them up.  I think
that both of these should typically generate the ascii 127 character.
This would go into the kbd package and the kernel and should be
coordinated with upstream.

This is somewhat different from what msdos-only users would expect but
fits in better with the current linux model.

stty dec


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