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Re: Requirements for 1.1

Ian Jackson:
   The ordering is at the moment determined by the order of the files
   found in the archive.  It therefore seems sufficient to arrange for
   the user to be able to specify to dpkg-deb what the order of the
   files ought to be, but I'm not sure how general I need to make

   This may be an application for the `external tarfile' option to
   dpkg-deb, but it's not clear to me how to create a suitable
   tarfile.  Something involving find and cpio might do the trick, and
   perhaps using lorder on the output of find would help.  Hmm, any
   ideas anyone ?

With tar, you can add to an existing archive.  For example, 

	cd debian-tmp1; tar cf ../debian.tar .
	cd debian-tmp2; tar uf ../debian.tar .

I presume the duplicate [directory] entries shouldn't be a problem... 


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