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Re: MSDOS name conversion

deisher@enws428.EAS.ASU.EDU (Michael E. Deisher)  wrote on 13.02.96 in <[🔎] 9602131557.AA24042@ganges>:

> The knapsack problem is difficult to solve.  I'm not convinced that we
> need to solve it in this case.  I think what Ian was suggesting is a
> reasonably good suboptimal solution.  In fact, if we redefine the
> cost function to include the delay-in-getting-our-diplomas or
> loss-of-productivity-in-our-real-jobs ...   :-))  ...never mind.

Well, the solution I've used in the past - and which has worked rather  
well - is simply to copy the files from the largest to the smallest,  
omitting any that won't fit, then take the next floppy.

It's not quite optimal, but it's very easy to do, and it's not that far  
from optimal for typical file collections.

In fact, under DOS, if you had 4dos (which is to command.com what bash is  
to sh), you wouldn't need anything else :-)

MfG Kai

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