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Bug#2316: upgrading from 0.91beta to 0.93 packages

Dear Wizards of the Debian realm

I have installed debian linux on an mca via disk images found at invaders.

Debian Linux comes up fine.
But it is version 0.91 beta, if I try to install any of the current packages
I get various errors (depending on how I try to get it done).

I have found various locations with 0.91 packages and they install with no

Because I am one of the most recent linux tries on mca (ps/2-mod80), I have a
number of people now inquiring on how I did it. before I put forward a final
word on how to do this, I would like to have the ability to run the current
release. I will make the promis to make available bootable images of what I
have, when I am done, placed some where on the net.

Can you help me with an upgrade path, from 0.91 beta to 0.93?

FYI, I have not been able to find this in any FAQ's or howto's I have looked
at on the mirrored sites, I think I have done at least part of my homework on
this one.... give me a clue....

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