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Re: Requirements for 1.1

ian@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk (Ian Jackson)  wrote on 10.02.96 in <[🔎] m0tlH5p-0002ZwC@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk>:

>  * I need to implement Pre-Depends in dpkg, both as something to
>    enforce in `dpkg --install' and as something to allow dselect to
>    install the upgrades in the right order.  I can probably produce
>    at least minimal alpha support for this in about 2 weeks.
>  * The base packages need to have Pre-Depends added, as well as calls
>    to dpkg --assert-pre-depends-supported or whatever (when I've
>    implemented it).

Just to make sure we get this right, I think the new ELF packages and dpkg  
*must* do the following:

If a dpkg version that knows about upgrading to ELF is not yet installed  
(a very probable situation), the installed, old dpkg *must not* break the  
system when fed ELF packages (except, of course, when the user --forces it  

MfG Kai

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