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Re: Alternate Debian FTP server

On Fri, 9 Feb 1996, Karl Ferguson wrote:

> > If you are unable to get to ftp.debian.org, please use the alternate
> > server ftp.microworld.net . That's .net, not .com , there is a .com site
> > but it's the wrong one! This system is currently mirroring the master
> > copy of the Debian archive, and the /debian tree within it should look
> > identical to the one on ftp.debian.org .
> What do the normal mirror sites like myself and others' do about this?  Wait
> for ftp.debian.org to come up or mirror ftp.microworld.net until it comes back?
> ...Karl

You can mirror ftp.microworld.net if you want we are planning to DNS that 
to ftp2.debian.org.

>From those two we will then distribute the software, but however your 
first resource should be ftp.debian.org with that machine as a fall back...

By the way I should be back online in the next 24/48hours at full 
capacity again.

We upgrade RAM from 48megs to 64megs and reconfigured the drive structure 
while we are waiting for the controller to come in FedX.

Matthew S. Bailey
107 Emmons Hall
Central Michigan University
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858


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