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I think we should make a slight modification to out guidelines. While we ask
the maintainer to use the ld-flags "-s" to strip the binary, we do not ask
him to use teh "-s" flag for install, too. However, this flag strips even
more symbols from te binary. Well, in fact I don't know what it removes
additionally, the strings are the same, but the binary is smaller after
being stripped via the strip command (which results in the same binary as
does the "-s" option for install).

Also, is a non-stripped binary a bug? I found quite a lot of them while
installing debian packages. Shame on me, my own quota package belongs to
that group, too. With large binaries, like the X server, the diffenrence is


P.S.: I will upload corrected packages tomorrow.

Michael Meskes 
Lehrstuhl fuer angewandte Mathematik insb. Informatik
RWTH-Aachen, D-52056 Aachen, Germany
email: meskes@informatik.rwth-aachen.de

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