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Re: MSDOS filenames

> I'm working on a script to generate the filenames in the `ms-dos'
> directories of the FTP site automatically (there used to be a list of
> mappings generated by hand).
> It seems to do quite well on generating unique names that are
> meaningful to humans, but it will occasionally have to `increment' a
> name Perl style (ie, increment the final letter or digit) on one file
> out of a pair that would otherwise come out the same.  In a little
> while I'll post a list of the mapping it produces.

Would it be more worthwhile to use something like mkisofs uses to
create the TRANS.TBL files when making a DOS-readable iso9660 CD?
Pre-existing standard, algorithms, and code - the problem has already
been solved before?

I probably don't understand the problem, but insist on yapping anyway :) .

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