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XEmacs byte compiler compatibility


	The people who followed the w3 and xemacs thread maybe
 interested in this tidbit from the latest beta:

-- The dreaded FSF dynamic byte-compile format is here.  It is *NOT*
   repeat *NOT* enabled by default for 19.14, so it's not gonna
   break anything.  It *IS* yes that's right *IS* the default for
   20.0. (Both kinds of dynamic byte-compiling are the default
   for 20.0.) Therefore, files you compile using 20.0 won't be
   readable under versions before 19.14 unless you set
   `byte-compile-dynamic' and `byte-compile-dynamic-docstrings'
   to nil before compiling.  Note that 19.14 will recognize
   and correctly read dynamic byte-compiled files (whether compiled
   by 20.0, 19.14, or FSF 19.29 or above), even though it won't
   generate them by default. (You have to set one or both of
   those variables just mentioned to non-nil if you want this.)

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