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Re: Developer@debian.org

> I wonder who is paying for the domain name "debian.org". DNS registration 
> is not free now.

Nobody has been billed by the NIC for a domain name yet, even though they
made noises about charging for them a while back.

> Is Ian M. paying out of his personal pocket as a 
> donation to the Debian Project? Are there other Debian "benefactors"? Or 
> is there a for profit organization behind?

I suspect Ian has expended his own pocket change as Debian petty cash from
time to time. I have sent various people CDs, etc., and have probably spent
a few hundred bucks in all. There is an organization called Linux International
that paid for Ian's serial line to the net for a while - I don't know if they
still are.

> In fact, I would like to know more about this issue.

Unless you want to take an active part in organizing the project finances
you might try to take it easy on the poor souls who have to write
explanations :-) .

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