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Re: Allowed characters in package names

Erick Branderhorst writes ("Re: Allowed characters in package names"):
> > Should `.' also be deprecated ?
> Add all uppercases. I shows badly.

Hmm.  I could do that too, or have dpkg lowercase package names.

At the moment it takes whichever case it sees first and preserves it.

Opinions, anyone ?

Dirk Eddelbuettel writes ("Re: Allowed characters in package names"):
> I am very much in favour of the proposal. As far as I am concerned dpkg might
> point-blank refuse to build with _ etc but others might howl.

Well, it will by default.  You can build any pile of crap you like
with --no-check, but you might not be able to install it :-).

> May I also beg you to please please please implement some (even rudimentary
> form of) timestamps for "major" dpkg operations (ie configure, remove)?

It's on my wishlist.  Asking me very often just makes me type replies
like this one ...

Michael Alan Dorman writes ("Re: Allowed characters in package names "):
> In message <m0tfsnE-0002bjC@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk>, Ian Jackson writes:
> >Should `.' also be deprecated ?
> If you forbid them, does that also apply to the conflicts and provides
> lines?


Richard Kettlewell replies ...
> That - strikes me as a possible reason not to deprecate `.', personally.

I agree.

> What good reasons are there for deprecating `.'?

I couldn't really think of any - I just wondered if anyone else had
any :-).


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