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Re: netpbm vs. pbmplus

'Michael E. Deisher wrote:'
>On Tue, 23 Jan 1996 12:20:43 -0500 (EST), Chris Fearnley <cjf@netaxs.com> said:
>> I discussed this with a colleague who has 35 years in the computer
>> industry.  He suggested I use the argument that it's easy for people
>> to change their PATH.  
>Suppose you have twenty users.  With this scheme, every time a new
>(big) software package is installed, twenty people have to modify
>their .profile/.cshrc before they can use it.  If it's installed in
>/usr/bin, they need do nothing.

As sysadmin you can change the PATH in the /etc files.  Now if
everything is in /usr/bin how do you remove the netpbm tools from your
PATH?  It's impossible.  Putting everything thing in /usr/bin, reduces

>> It's VERY, VERY hard to operate on an enormous directory.
>Huh?  I'm at a loss to come up with any operation that I would want to
>do that would become "VERY, VERY difficult" if /usr/bin was not
>splintered into lots of pieces.

I'm only suggesting splintering for non-standard, large packages.  I'm
thinking of big subsystems like khoros, netpbm, etc that aren't
normally part of a *nix system.  I don't feel that these types of
extras belong in /usr/bin.

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