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Bug#2216: screen re-maps DEL to C-h

Good evening Raul!

}Package: screen
}Version: 3.6.2-11
}Programs running inside screen don't see the DEL character, as it is
}translated to a control-h by screen.

I don't think that this is a bug of screen. At the moment I'm using
Emacs inside of screen (on a tty via rlogin from a remote machine) and
if I press DEL I get DEL, if I press BS, I get BS, if I press C-h, I
get C-h. So screen doesn't modify or translage anything.

Could you tell me your environment? I remember that it is possible
with some X11 incarnations that keys aren't translated correctly. This
could be caused by wrong or missing environment when X11 is started
(e.g. via xdm). Could you check this out please.

And please check out if screen works for you on raw consoles.

I would like to close this bug, but I'll wait for your answer.



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