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Re: dpkg, ELF, upgrade order, broken systems

> Bruce Perens writes ("Re: dpkg, ELF, upgrade order, broken systems"):
> > I think an elf-update package is the way to go. Having it be a .deb package
> > is OK, if not strictly necessary, but the upgrade should _NOT_ happen in the
> > postinst. The postinst should direct the user to the file of instructions,
> > and the user will have to run at least two scripts with a reboot between them
> > to complete the upgrade.
> Is there no easier way to do this ?

The upgrade procedure really isn't that complicated, once you know
what it is. :-) Couldn't we just write a shell script to handle the
nitty-gritty, order dependent stuff, then have it call dselect for the

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