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Re: dpkg, ELF, upgrade order, broken systems

On 24 Jan 1996, Kai Henningsen wrote:

> * nearly everything depends directly or indirectly on libc5
> * libc5 depends on elf-base-installed
> * elf-base-installed is not provided directly by any package, but hacked  
> into the database by an update script, or by a special feature of a new  
> dselect, or whatever

OK, So what *IS* the correct procedure to upgrade to ELF?

I'm about to do switch over to ELF on at least one of my systems, in
preparation for downloading and installing the 1.0 development debian.
On all machines, I'm running a.out 0.93r6 with no ELF binaries or libs
but with ELF support compiled into the kernel.

What packages do I need to get, and what order do I install them?

So far, I've downloaded:

libc5-5.2.18-1.deb, which says "DEPENDS: ldso (>1.7.12-1)"
ld.so-1.7.14-1.deb, which doesn't appear to depend on anything.
dpkg-1.0.10elf.deb, which depends on libc5.

Is the correct order ld.so, then libc5, then the elf dpkg?

I'm willing to be a guinea-pig to test out an "upgrade-to-ELF & 1.0"


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