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Bug#2204: Description

>>>>> "Erik" == E Branderhorst <branderhorst@fgg.eur.nl> writes:

    Erik> Package: ksmbfs
    Erik> Version: 0.2.4-2

    Erik> Depends: libc5
    Erik> Description: mount and umount commands for the smbfs, it requires a 1.3 kernel.
    Erik> ..

    Erik> Suggestion to change this into:

    Erik> Depends: libc5, image (>=1.3.57)
                          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I'd strongly advise against this
dependency, presumably there are lots of people like me who never install a
_prebuilt_ kernel image.

Instead use a yet to define (or did I miss that) virtual package name which is
to be provided by image.

Finally I assume that ksmbfs will run on earlier kernels than 1.3.57.


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