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Bug#2214: Description

Package: rpncalc
Version: 1.0-1

Status: install ok unpacked
Maintainer: David Frey <David.Frey@lugs.ch>
Depends: librl
should be libreadline (see below) or libreadline2
Description: an rpn calculator trying to emulate an HP28S

# dpkg --status libreadline2
Package: libreadline2
Status: install ok installed
Priority: standard
Section: devel
Maintainer: Ray Dassen <jdassen@wi.LeidenUniv.nl>
Version: 2.0-12
Provides: libreadline
Depends: libc5 (>=5.2.16-1), ncurses3.0 (>=1.9.8a-1)
Conflicts: librl (<=2.0.3-2), libreadline
Description: GNU readline and history libraries, runtime versions.
 GNU readline is a library which allows users to easily edit and manipulate
 command lines in a command line interface.
 GNU history is a library that extends a command line interface with a
 mechanism for recalling previously typed input.
Source: libreadline

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