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Bug#2202: Description

Package: diald
Version: 0.11-3

Status: install ok unpacked
Priority: extra
Section: net

Don't use `"' in Maintainer field
Maintainer: "Giuseppe Vacanti <Giuseppe.Vacanti@DeSelby.xs4all.nl>"
Maintainer: Giuseppe Vacanti <Giuseppe.Vacanti@DeSelby.xs4all.nl>
Depends: netstd, ppp (>=2.2), image (>=1.2.13), netbase (>=1.23)
Optional: mail-reader, expect
 /etc/diald.conf newconffile
 /etc/diald.defs newconffile
 /etc/diald.options newconffile
 /etc/cron.weekly/diald newconffile
 /etc/init.d/diald newconffile

Description: Dial on demand daemon for ...
             ~            ~
Description: dial on deman daemon for PPP and SLIP.
 . <- remove this point please
 The purpose of diald is to make it transparently appear that you
 have a permanent connection to a remote site (usually your provider).
 You MUST have SLIP devices in the kernel in order to use diald, even if
 you only plan to use only PPP connections. Of course, you will need PPP
 devices as well.
 Diald needs a program like "chat" or "expect" to actually dial.
 Sorry, "dip" cannot be used.

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