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Re: elf, a.out and debian 1.*

I'm so far behind in email and other things that I may never catch up.
So before I get any further behind in this discussion, I'll throw my
2 cents in now.  I apologize if this is too terse.

> The problem, as I see it, is that we've tied the 1.X release to the
> elf libraries.  We didn't have to do that.  Since we have, the 1.X

Yes, we did have to do that.  Many people consider Debian obsolete and
a non-starter because it isn't ELF already.

> support elf, I find myself attributing the instabilities of 1.1 to the
> elf upgrade requirement.  Also, I'm wondering if we're going to have

Just to clarify, the current ELF libraries and tools are VERY STABLE.
Yes, there are some additional features to better support backwards
compatibility that will be needed, but they will be added in due time.

The instabilities currently being inexperienced are not due to ELF.
They are due to a major version change in libc.  We would be having
the exact same problems (actually, even more problems) if libc5 was

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