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Bug#2188: dpkg-ftp problems

PACKAGE: dpkg-ftp
VERSION: 1.3.1

Thanks for making this workable thru a firewall.  Now, in case you've
got a lot of time on your hands, here's the feedback from my initial
usage.  Item (1) below is a trivial problem.  Subsequent items are
not clear problems.

1.  In message, "doesn't" is mis-spelt as "dosn't"

2.  Doesn't recognize "packages" filename with lowercase 'p'
    (for ms-dos tree).

3.  (possibly out of scope) Will it work in the ms-dos tree at all?
    Probably not, as the packages file doesn't have info on ms-dos
    tree filename to package name mappings.  (I use a 150 MB transfer
    disk to move packages to non-networked systems.  On some systems,
    I need to run the disk thru a parallel port adapter and, the parallel
    port adapter not being supported under Linux, that means that I must
    use an MS-DOS filesystem on the transfer disk).

4.  (probably out of scope)  What I'd find very useful is to be presented
    with a list of packages which are update candidates, and to be able to
    select from those files and download selected ones for later installation
    via another method direct dpkg install or dselect hard disk).  This could
    be built into the ftp-dpkg processing which gets done from dselect's
    [A]ccess choice.  Useful or not, though, whether this is in scope
    for dpkg-ftp is more easily arguable con than pro.

Script started on Fri Jan 19 12:20:56 1996
# dselect

[... dselect menuing to select [A]ccess elided ...]

  If you make a mistake or need to stop the ftp sessions for any reason,
    use the interrupt key (^C) to abort.

You must supply an ftp site to anonymous ftp to; username; password;
and a directory with a debian binary distribution directory structure.
ie it must contain a Packages.gz file and the binary packages in
various subdirs.

Eg: ftp site: ftp.debian.org
    user name: anonymous
    password: @mitchell.mdd.comm.mot.com
    ftp dir: /debian/stable/binary

Enter ftp site:maniac0.mot.com
Enter user name []:buster@ftp.debian.org
Enter password:[... elided ...]
Enter ftp dir:/debian/development/ms-dos
Using FTP to fetch directory listing from maniac0.mot.com:/debian/development/ms-dos...
Building ftp.cmds...
Starting ftp session...
Connected to maniac0.corp.mot.com.
220 maniac0.corp.mot.com FTP server (Version 5.60) ready.
Remote system type is UNIX.
Using binary mode to transfer files.
331 Password required for buster.
230-			      WELCOME TO
230-	C E N T R A L   M I C H I G A N   U N I V E R S I T Y
230-Hello, user at maniac1t.mot.com.
230-You are currently user 2 out of a possible 100 in your class.
230-If you experience problems with this archive or if you have comments or
230-questions about this archive, please contact ftpadmin@ftp.debian.org.
230-Anonymous users: Please use a real e-mail address as your password,
230-not "root", "Netscape", "WWWuser", etc., and please keep the number of
230-connections to one.  If this becomes a problem, we will deny access to
230-your machine, or even to your entire domain.
230-The official Debian GNU/Linux archive is located on this machine in the
230-directory /debian.
230-NOTE: This site allows the .tar.gz convention, but please note that 99%
230-      of the files on this site are already compressed.  Therefore, .gz
230-      should not be used, as it creates unnecessary load on the server.
230 User buster logged in.  Access restrictions apply.
Hash mark printing on (1024 bytes/hash mark).
Interactive mode off.
200 Type set to I.
250 CWD command successful.
200 PORT command successful.
150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for /bin/ls.
226 Transfer complete.
221 Goodbye.
Ftp finshed.
Checking we got a correct directory...
The directory dosn't contain the expected Packages[.gz] file

query/setup script returned error exit status 1.
Press RETURN to continue.

[... dselect menuing to select [Q]uit elided ...]

# grep -i packages /var/lib/dpkg/methods/ftp/*
/var/lib/dpkg/methods/ftp/tmp.listing:-rw-r--r--  2 3969   debian  184441 Jan 18 04:58 packages
/var/lib/dpkg/methods/ftp/tmp.listing:-rw-r--r--  2 3969   debian   60238 Jan 18 04:58 packages.gz
Script done on Fri Jan 19 12:22:59 1996

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