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Re: Bug#2182: perl shouldn't touch /usr/local

On Fri, 19 Jan 1996 08:25:14 -0800, Daniel Quinlan <quinlan@best.com> said:

> This seems to be a growing problem with Debian.  Maintainers are
> sprucing up packages by adding their *personal* favorite bits of
> code.  You may need it, but *I* don't need it.

Dan has a good point here.  This is a problem for the additional
reason that it causes things to break when packages are handed off
from one maintainer to another since different package maintainers
have different "*personal* favorite bits of code".

An example of this is fvwm / X (I don't remember exactly which package
was to blame).  Recently, the package changed maintainers and all the
fvwmrc's on my system broke because they relied on having
/usr/local/bin in the default path.  The most recent maintainer hadn't
bothered to add /usr/local/bin since it was not in the upstream
package sources / config files.

> If you have to add unnecessary files to a package, make another
> package, but don't impose your preferences on everyone.  Debian
> maintainers should be adding bug-fixes and nothing else.

Do we have an official policy on this?  Of course, one person's
"bug-fix" may be another person's "additiion".


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