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Bug#2184: perl's sys/socket.ph causes warning

I've seen this problem too, though found it to be triggered by cases
of (unsigned long) in calls to (for example) &INADDR_ANY...

Number found where operator expected at (eval 173) line 1, near ") 0x00000000"
	(Missing operator before 0x00000000?)
Number found where operator expected at (eval 174) line 1, near ") 0xffffffff"
	(Missing operator before 0xffffffff?)

h2ph could possibly be tweaked a little to handle this case and
NULL. It might also make sense to hand-tune a set of headers, and
produce a package that depends on the exact source or include package
as well as the exact perl package.

FYI: require 'sys/socket.ph'; eats a *lot* of memory, and if you're
sticking to perl5 you may want to use the socket "class" instead...

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