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Bug#2182: perl shouldn't touch /usr/local

Robert Leslie <rob@mars.org>, in a magnificent manifestation of deity, wrote:
>Package: perl
>Version: 5.002-3
>Perl creates a directory /usr/local/lib/site_perl/i486-linux, but FSSTND says,
>about /usr/local:
>  4.8  /usr/local : Local hierarchy
>  This directory should always be empty after first installing Linux.  No
>  exceptions to this rule should be made other than the listed directory
>  stubs.

I changed to this in response to another bug.  site_perl is where the local
sysadmin would install local packages.  I think this is an omission on
the part of FSSTND since /usr/local *is* the right place to put
site-installed packages; perl looks in this directory for modules; I
don't think the user really wants to install packages directly under

If given my druthers, I would declare this bug closed due to the reasons
that I stated above.  (or redirected to the mythical (fsstnd/layout)
package).  I am willing to listen to other people's comments on it

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