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Re: Which files in /usr/sbin?

> Here is a list of programs potentially useful for regular users:

In the case of "zdump", if it is possible for a user to compile and use
their own private time zone without assuming super-user powers, the program
should be in one of the public directories. If that is not possible, the
program may stay where it is.

In the case of "mkfs", "chat", etc., these programs are used when the
system manager has delegated some system manager privileges to a particular
group of users (the floppy and modem groups, and so on). The programs
themselves still run system manager tasks, and one could make a case that
they belong in the system manager bin.

Most of the programs you list may be of casual interest to the regular
user who would use them to reveal system exotica, but do not have any
relevance to work the regular user would be doing.


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