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uploaded to chiark: gcc-2.7.2-3, cpp-2.7.2-3

I'm just finished uploading gcc-2.7.2-3 and cpp-2.7.2-3, they should
show up on ftp.debian.org before long.

Both packages belong into the ALPHA-TEST tree, cpp should probably go
into the base section since other packages depend /lib/cpp
resp. /usr/bin/cpp to exist.

I decided to keep releases of both packages in sync, so cpp-2.7.2-3 is
the initial release.


---------------------------[ gcc-2.7.2-3.changes ]--------------------------
Date: 17 Jan 96 21:16 UT
Source: gcc
Binary: gcc cpp 
Version: 2.7.2-3
 gcc: The GNU C compiler (ELF version).
 cpp: The GNU C preprocessor (ELF version).
Priority: Low
 * New maintainer
 * Include f77 support in the gcc driver program
 * Don't install symbolic links /lib/cpp, /usr/bin/cpp.
 * Provide a seperate cpp package for use with packages requiring it.
   Packages expecting the C preprocessor in /lib/cpp or /usr/bin/cpp
   must explicitely depend on cpp.
 * The following is from the previous release by David Engel <david@elo.ods.com>
   I'm leaving it in to let people know the patch has been applied.
 o Applied Joern Rennecke's patch to disable an overly aggressive
   loop optimization.  Avoiding this bug previously required using
   -fno-strength-reduce option whenever -O2 or higher was used.
 -rw-rw-rw-   1 root     debian    7106840 Jan 17 22:02 gcc-2.7.2-3.tar.gz
 -rw-rw-rw-   1 root     debian      18695 Jan 17 22:09 gcc-2.7.2-3.diff.gz
 -rw-r--r--   1 root     root      2358691 Jan 17 21:51 gcc-2.7.2-3.deb
 -rw-r--r--   1 root     root        39254 Jan 17 21:48 cpp-2.7.2-3.deb
 63ef6046f1b9e1b56d114e1e6cc0cefd  gcc-2.7.2-3.tar.gz
 9f3774e63dabc3901af1d610db13c36f  gcc-2.7.2-3.diff.gz
 f0efd582d54a32356f05679bf9e4efed  gcc-2.7.2-3.deb
 dcd2a3cee1fe554095a17f5b15c45084  cpp-2.7.2-3.deb

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