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Bug#2156: syslogd postinst script disables syslogd

Package: syslogd
Version: 1.2-15

During some upgrades, the postinst script for the syslogd package
fails to install symlinks in /etc/rc?.d. I think this happens when
links called S20sysklogd already exist. In this case, update-rc.d
complains but returns exit code 0 without creating the links. Then the
rm command removes the old links, leaving no symlinks to start
syslogd. One way round this would be to put the rm command before the
update-rc.d command.

The postinst script contains:

  #! /bin/sh

  update-rc.d sysklogd defaults 10 90 >/dev/null

  # Purge the files of the old "syslog" package, it's now called "sysklog".

  rm -f /etc/cron.weekly/syslogd /etc/init.d/syslogd \
	  /etc/rc[0-6].d/[SK]20syslogd \

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