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Re: disaster upgrading to elf

On Tue, 16 Jan 1996 12:43:00 -0500 , "brian (b.c.) white" <bcwhite@bnr.ca> said:

> I have restored my system from backup twice without any problem.
> All I did was...

> 	umask 000 ; cd / ; tar xvzf /backup/linux.tar

> All userid, groupid, and permissions were set correctly.  (Note:
> umask must me set or it will apply to all files that are extracted.

That's interesting.  I wonder why slackware's tar worked and debian's
didn't.  I presume the umask was the same in both cases since I tried
them in the same shell.  BTW, the reason I cannot just use slackware's
tar to restore my system is that it's not statically linked and my
rescue disks don't have ELF libraries.

It's strange that a non-zero umask would affect *ownership*.  This
behavior seems like a bug.  I'll give it a try, though.


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