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Re: rxvt-2.10-2

*sigh* I announced it to debian-changes but now that I think about it, either 
2 things could have happened

* debian-changes could have eaten the announcement cause I'm not mailing from  
  my known email address
* debian-changes could have eaten the announcement cause my reply address is   
  corrupted due to a very badly written smtp gateway near my end.

Anyway here is the announcement (I don't have dchanges as I can't seem to get 
access to the debian-1.0/1.1/current as I only have anonymous ftp access at 
this end. (ftping with netscape sucks)

        I've just uploaded a new version of rxvt 2.10 (still a.out) that fixes 
        the -print-pipe security hole. This should get moved into the 0.93R6   


(note my reply address is corrupt, mail to andrew@it.com.au)

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Subject: rxvt-2.10-2
Author:  "imurdock"@debian.org@INTERNET@MAILGW at DECPostmaster
Date:    16/1/96 9:39 AM


rxvt-2.10-2 appeared in Incoming, but I never saw an announcement 
on debian-devel.  If you indeed announced it and I just missed it,
could you forward me a copy of the announcement?  If not, you should 
announce it to debian-devel@pixar.com; then I'll move the package 
into the distribution.

(BTW, does this release fix the security hole?)


   "It is error alone which needs the support of government.  Truth
can stand by itself."
                                                --Thomas Jefferson

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