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Re: Mascot...

On Mon, 15 Jan 1996, Michael Alan Dorman wrote:

> I know the subject of the mascot at www.debian.org came up awhile ago,
> with some people complaining about the size, etc, and others saying
> they liked it.
> [...]
> Might I suggest we move to that?  It's color, which might make it more
> attractive for Debian CD producers to use as a logo, too.

This has probably been asked before, but what is the copyright and 
redistribution state of the baby GNU? It is a nice logo.

Is it available in a vector graphic form, or a higher resolution bitmap? 
The version on the home page isn't really high enough resolution to use 
on packaging and CDs.

If the logo is to be used on CDs it's probably a lot easier to use the
monochrome version; CD replicators tend to charge something like 3p per CD
per colour, or something like 16p per CD for process colour. As the 
colourised version is shaded rather than filled with solid colour, 
process colour would probably be necessary.

Steve Early

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