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Bug#2126: libc5-dev: relative symlink can fail

>>>>> "David" == David Engel <david@elo.ods.com> writes:

    >> Package: libc5-dev
    >> Version: 5.2.18-1
    >> ...
    >> The quick fix is to make /usr/lib/libc.so an absolute symlink, but
    >> that will also break in some circumstances. It has the advantage of
    >> breaking in a more obvious manner, though :)
    >> I can't think of a better fix, unfortunately. Maybe I shouldn't be
    >> doing nasty things to /usr :)

    David> I'd like to hear from others before making this change.  I
    David> generally don't like absolute symlinks, but I have yet to
    David> come up with a better solution than Austin's.

IMO there's no need to change any package if you backup /usr
appropriately along the lines sketched below:

 o backup /usr to $backup/top/usr, making sure $backup/top is
   otherwise empty

 o use symlinks(8) on this directory to find dangling links,

 o for dangling relative links create absolute symlinks under
   $backup/top installing the directory path as appropriate.

It shouldn't be too hard to write a python, perl or even shell script
automating this task.

Looking for your comments

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