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Redistribution issues...

I'm going to be packaging glimpse, the full-text indexing software.  I
have gotten special permission from the authors such that Debian will
be allowed to distribute this on CD-ROMs and the like.

My inclination is that I will include the e-mail in question as part
of the COPYRIGHT file, along with a copy of the original copyright
statement.  Is this appropriate, or do we have a specific way of
specifying packages for which we have special permission?

Also, the primary author (with whom I corresponded), mentioned that it
was sort of customary to get a copy of the CD on which the software
appears---I know this was brought up a while ago, but I don't remember
any resolution.  I'm willing to spring for it even (I use glimpse a
_lot_---it make searching my 9MB of email archives tons faster than
grep), but I am also under the impression that there is a temporary
hiatus of "Official" Debian CDs.

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