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forwarded message from MAILER-DAEMON@cus.cam.ac.uk

Bill Mitchell's mail domain has gone totally up the spout - the
address he was using, mdd.comm.mot.com, isn't in the DNS any more and
what is left at mot.com looks like an unbelievable mess.

I've mailed the address in their SOA record, but the MX records for it
were broken (so I sent a copy to the primary MX host manually too).  I
wouldn't hold out much hope of them fixing it soon ...

ICMFI. [1]


[1] I Comment Merely For Information.

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Date: Sun, 14 Jan 96 18:18 GMT
Sender: iwj10@cus.cam.ac.uk (Ian Jackson)
From: iwj10@thor.cam.ac.uk (Ian Jackson)
To: Bill Mitchell <mitchell@mdd.comm.mot.com>
Subject: Bug#2131: Info received (was Bug#2131: diff has wrong dependency)
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Bug#2131" so that we can identify it as relating to the same problem.

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