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Re: move to elf

On Sat, 13 Jan 1996, Giuseppe Vacanti wrote:

> Hello.
> I maintain debian/diald. I understand there will be a migration to
> elf. I won't be able to follow it right away because we need the PC to
> work (and if I mess with the system one more time my wife is going to
> kill me!).
> Any chance of someone building it on an elf system for me(when the
> time is right, ie when the date for the release approaces)?
> Thanks
> Giuseppe

I would be happy to help you with the compilation problems. I have an ELF 
system setup that is stable. All you need to do is ftp the source package 
to me via anonymous ftp @ dwarf.polaris.net/pub/Incoming, and drop me a 
line telling me what you want done with it, I'll build the package for 
you and put it back in pub/debian for you to pick up and distribute. 
Dwarf.polaris.net is usualy on the air between 10am and 2pm est and less 
often from 7pm until 10pm est.



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