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re:Virtual package: postscript-preview

On Fri, 12 Jan 1996, brian (b.c.) white wrote:

> >As I have recieved neither positive nor negative response to the idea of 
> >'postscript-preview' being added to the virtual-package-names-list.text I 
> >have added this package name to the list and uploaded the list to:
> >ftp.debian.org/debian/private/project/Incoming for the replacement of the 
> >file in /debian/project/standards.
> If two packages provide "postscript-preview", will it be considered a
> conflict?  If so, then this might not be a good idea.  There may be
> cases where people want two different postscript viewers on their machine.

It was my understanding that the provides field was created specificaly 
so that more than one package could provide a feature, thus releaving 
depends from having to specify multiple package dependance when really 
only one feature needed to be supplied.

> Alternatively, there could be yet another control field to specify
> virtual package names that are provided but can be provided by more
> than one package.

This is it.



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