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Bug#2032: Printer stuck #6.

On Wed, 10 Jan 1996 18:36:08 -0800 (PST),
Simon Shapiro   <Shimon@i-Connect.Net> wrote:

>I checked carefully your inouts and other than suspecting either editing
>or aliasing of regular commands (there is no standard lsmo command, for
>eample) I do not seems to be able to track your problem yet.

What is "lsmo" command? "lsmod"? I found it in the man pages.

>  Since you have Linux sources, can you
>please put some debug messages in the init routine of the lp driver?
>Put a kprintf statement every few lines in this routine and other
>related ones to show us where things go.
>A good way to go it is simply to add a line #define LP_DEBUG right under
>where it says #undef LP_DEBUG, at the start of drivers/char/lp.c.  Then
>just build a noew kernel, with parallel port enabled.  NOT modules.

I am willing to check/try almost anything EXCEPT compiling/making
stuff.If you want to beam me a ready-to-run lp module patched with
whatever I'ld be happy to try it. Of course trying it in the boot may
not be possible unless you beam me a whole boot disk with the patched
module, right? Let's try just the lp module first. Tell me what
directory to put it in, etc.

>I have the lp running fine with AMI BIOS and/or Phoenix on 486 EISA
>machines, PCI Pentium machines with the SuperIO chip, three different
>no-name multi I/O cards, another seria/parallel ancient card.  It works
>flawlessly for countless others.
>Since you indicate that Linux tricks the system on shutdown so that even
>the BIOS does not see the port until you do a hardware reset, I suspect
>the problem to be an interaction between your particular hardware and
>Linux.  I have no way to test it.

CPU board: Ilon USA, Inc., model M-321
CPU: 80386DX-40
Chip set: PC CHIPS
Max DRAM: 32MB, 5MB installed: 1 MB 80 nS, 4 MB 70 nS
Cache: 256KB, all installed, 20 nS (write-back chip NOT installed, but
       AMIBIOS is set to NO wait states for anything. No problems that
       I can tell.)
BIOS: AMI: American Megatrends, Inc.; AMIBIOS Date: 06/06/92
I/O options: none
NPU: 80387-33 installed
Speed: jumper set at 40 MHz, 33 MHz available
Turbo: jumper is OPEN (fast)

I/O card: no name; PT1227W V3.2; QC passed 11 '94; China
          FCC ID# KDDPT1227W
Chipset: Winbond, W83758P,  68 pin
            "     W83757F, 100 pin
Crystal: X1: "AVC 24.000"
FDD: onboard, 34 pin, in use, 3.5" floppy drive and 120MB QIC-80 tape
HDD: onboard, 40 pin, not used
Game: onboard, 16 pin, not used
Serial: ComA, external, 9 pin, in use, mouse
        ComB, on board, hardware not implemented, disabled
        (Note: a fax/modem card uses Com2)
Parallel: external, 25 pin, in use, HP Deskjet 500 inkjet printer
Jumpers: J1:   1  2__3, (unknown function)
         J2:   1  2__3, (unknown function)
         J11: open, PRT DIR CTRL, (What does that mean/do?)
         Various others. Ask if it might help to know. I think they
         are all set right. The ones above I'm not sure of the correct


The above reflects the observations of myself only, unless stated otherwise.

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