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Leaving the group - package giveway

Time has been at quite a premium for me lately. I've made a decision to
attend medical school starting in Fall of next year. This involves a great
deal of work in the interrim. I've also become involved with volunteer work
in my community. 

As such, I realize (perhaps too late) that I have overextended myself. I 
no longer have time to adequately maintain packages for the Debian 
organization. Sadly, I must leave the project.

It's been great working with you; I have been astounded by the degree of 
cooperation and coordination exhibited by a group of people who have 
generally met only over the 'net. The product you've created is 

Here is the list of packages that I leave behind:

  ghostscript and gsfonts
  pine and pico

Other people have already taken over adduser, ncftp and svgalib.

Of course, I'll be available for questions about the arrangement of these 
packages from their new maintainers.

See 'ya around.

Ted Hajek -=- Distributed Computing Services -=- University of Minnesota
                  "Elvis needs boats." - Mojo Nixon

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