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Bug#1445: Bug #1445 'postscript-preview' vp

This is the only bug I could find on this package (that's not a
complaint) and as I'm the new maintainer I decided to clear it before
releasing the ELF build of psutils.
As I understand it, in order to use a virtual package name (like
postscript-preview) it needs to be on to the list in project/standards.
I have a copy of this list file (a month old) and don't find the name on
the list.
As the next step is to post the new name here before adding it, I hereby
suggest 'postscript-preview' be added to the virtual package name list.
If I hear no complaints about this I will add it to the list as soon as I
can get access to ftp.debian.org. (haven't been able to get in for about
a week now. lucky I have all the packages I need)
Once this is settled I will close this bug.



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