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miscutils-1.3-7 released

Date: 08 Jan 96 21:23 UT
Source: miscutils
Binary: miscutils 
Version: 1.3-7
 miscutils: Miscellaneous system utilities.
Priority: Low
  * Built using ncurses3.0 shared libraries
  * run-parts.c: new version replaces run-parts.pl (version 0.2)
  * run-parts.pl: file removed
  * run-parts.8: removed duplicate --version option,
	document need for #!/bin/interpreter-name in script files,
	change "scripts" to "scripts or programs",
	update copyright notice.
  * run-parts.c: give an Exec format error on scripts not beginning with
    #!/bin/interpreter-name.  (Fixes Bug#1895)
  * README.fdisk: documentation file added to /usr/doc/miscutils
	(fixes Bug#1337, Bug#2088)
 -rw-r--r--   1 jeff     jeff       142567 Jan  8 15:20 miscutils-1.3-7.tar.gz
 -rw-r--r--   1 root     root       128258 Jan  8 15:22 miscutils-1.3-7.deb
 a53ae1b9f7e218986ce9641a0ddd226c  miscutils-1.3-7.tar.gz
 b95e9cccb0b1f3588337f5e3ca7a620c  miscutils-1.3-7.deb

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