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Bug#2105: console error messages "Source Route Failed."

> is the Debian list server. I haven't the slightest idea
>of why this is happening, other than that it is trying to send you
>mail. A work-around would be to move your subscription to another machine.
>I suspect the source routing is happening sometime after the packets
>leave Pixar, but I'd have to investigate more.
>	Thanks
>	Bruce
>Bruce Perens <Bruce@Pixar.com> Pixar Animation Studios
>Toy Story: > US$154M domestic box office receipts so far.
You've given me a clue.  I have my e-mail processed by procmail before
actually reading it.  All the debian list services go to separate mail
files on my system.  For example, debian-devel, debian-user, etc.  The
configuration for this is done by a .procmailrc file in my root area.

Could this be a cause?

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