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Re: binary-alpha and binary-sparc directories

Raul Miller writes ("Re: binary-alpha and binary-sparc directories"):
> How about the option of a better record of what has happened?
> For example, currently, if multiple packages supply the same file only
> the most recently installed package has the files listed in it's .list
> file.  If we have package installation time recorded, we wouldn't lose
> any information if
> (a) all packages which supplied a file had the file listed in their
> .list files.
> (b) the default behavior of dpkg would be to not remove a file till
> all packages with references to it were removed.

This makes sense.

I think I'll have to support `Replaces' or something, so that old
packages can have all their files `taken away' and disappear

> If it's a speed issue, perhaps I should spend some time profiling
> dpkg?

No, it's not a speed issue - it's a question of deciding what the
behaviour should be and then me finding time to implement it.

I've added this to the wishlist ...


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