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Re: dist-3.60-3 uploaded to ftp.debian.org

>>"Ian" == Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk> writes:

 Ian> Manoj Srivastava writes ("dist-3.60-3 uploaded to
 Ian> ftp.debian.org"):

 Manoj> * Use /etc/news/organization instead of /etc/organization
 Manoj>   Please note that people who installed mailagent-3.44-1 and
 Manoj>   or dist-3.60-2 shall have to remove /etc/organization
 Manoj>   manually after upgrading both packages.

 Ian> Can't you fix this up in the postinst ?

	I thought about that.  However, 
 a) two different packages installed that file, and removing the file
    in postinst would leave the second package in an unusable state if
    only one was upgraded,
 b) I did not want to leave the removal of the file in the postinst
    scripts of the packages, since the installation of
    /etc/organization was a temporary aberration; later versions
    should probably not touch that file (even if it exists) in case it
    has been installed as a part of a user installed software package,
 c) the versions of the packages in question did not receive a wide
    circulation, being limited to the alpha-test archive.

	However, if it is deemed worth the trouble, I could upload a
 new set of revisions whose psotinst files delete the deprecated
 /etc/organization file.

 Ian> Ian.


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 reliable are those which aren't there." Gordon Bell
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