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Re: Too much information! (And what to do about it.)

Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk>, in a magnificent manifestation of deity, wrote:
>In principle this sounds like a good idea.  I don't have a strong
>opinion on whether Optional should be included in the `distribution'.

I think that it should be a part of the distribution (on the cd), it
just gives people some demarcation as to when they have a complete
system as opposed to a base system.  I have a complete system here (and
a bit more) even though I don't have the ham radio packages installed
since I'm not a ham.  (Well...)  On the other hand, I do have an hp
palmtop, so I have the lxtools package.  Neither set of these constitute
part of a complete system; they are optional.  They do make part of a
complete debian distribution though.a

>at the top level, and inside each a `binary' directory and in there a
>`Packages.gz' file.
>If you could make the split under there, by splitting each section
>into two directories, that would work better, I think.

Sounds fine to me.

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