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Bug#2097: Problem building dvips

Package: dvipsk
Version: 5.58f

I obtained the sources from ftp.debian.org within the 0.93R6 directory tree,
and tried to recompile simply using the command:
debian.rules build

The first thing that had to be fixed was to go and fetch the kpathsea
sources, since one can't compile dvipsk unless one also has those sources
on disk, in a particular directory sequence.

But the more fundamental problem is that these sources seem to be looking for
the new version of the C libraries:
    ed: can't load library 'libc.so.5'
whereas the stock 0.93R6 distribution includes only libc.so.4.

(This whole problem came about because I'm trying (but failing) to get
color output from dvips.  In trying to make it work, I had downloaded
several version of color.pro, colordvi.sty, etc., etc., and since none
of these worked, I wanted to replace my dvips files with the original
ones that came with the dvipsk distribution.  At the same time, I wanted
to look into the sources to see if there was any info in there to help.)

I'm not sure this is a bug that's worth fixing, since ELF is well on its way,
but I thought it might at least be worth reporting.

Susan Kleinmann

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