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Re: Buglist

Sven Rudolph writes ("Re:       Buglist"):
> Some suggestions for the bug reporting system:
> - It is possible to mark a message quiet in order to get it not echoed
>   at debian-devel. Is there a way to make answers to it be not echoed
>   too ? (e.g. by introducing a debian-bugs-quiet alias)

That might be a good idea.  Bruce, could we do that ?  This is
probably better than that horrible thing with `X-Debian-PR: quiet' in
the main mail header.

> - Or what do you think about moving all bug-system messages to another
>   mailing list ?
> - There was a suggestion that bug reports are directly sent to the
>   package maintainer. Is this still planned ?

How about having most bug reports still go to debian-devel, so that
people can comment if they see something that touches on their `area',
but make debian-bugs-quiet available so that the submitter can send
things only to the maintainer ?


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