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Re: New ftp method for dselect

Robert Leslie writes ("Re: New ftp method for dselect"):
> > Exceptions:  (the ones I saw, anyway)
> > 	stable/binary/net/bind-4.9.3-BETA24-1.deb
> > 	debian-1.0/binary/net/bind-4.9.3-BETA26-2.deb
> If there are no objections I think I will rename the next version of the bind
> package to something like:
>     bind-4.9.3BETA26-3.*
> Hopefully this will be kinder to software needing to parse package names.

Well, I was going to object, but I see that you've already done it.

You might like to consider reversing the change so that people can
upgrade without having to invoke dpkg manually (dselect invokes it
with --refuse-downgrade).

I'll be posting later about how I think the FTP method should be done.


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