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Bug#2073: assembler problems in asm/io.h during build of kernel

>I saw this on comp.os.linux.development.system, but I haven't tried
>if it still compiles the kernel with gcc < 2.7.x...
>From: Russell Johnston <rjohnsto@edge.net>
>Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.development.system
>Subject: Re: gcc 2.7.2 and kernel 1.2.13
>This patch allows compilation of kernel 1.2.13 with gcc > 2.7.0
>Russell Johnston
>--- ./linux/include/asm-i386/io.h-	Mon Aug 15 00:56:19 1994
>+++ ./linux/include/asm-i386/io.h	Wed Nov 15 23:04:25 1995

Well, there is evidently more to it than that since there are all sorts
of missing symbols when you go to link.  BTW, I made a simple addition
to the patch so that it will compile under elf or aout by testing for
the define __ELF__.

I'll look around a bit more for where these functions might be hiding.
Thanks for your help.

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