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Re: beware sysvinit 2.58 installation

You (Chris Fearnley) wrote:
> 'Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:'
> >I've changed the postinst script to create a symbolic link in /var/log,
> >so that it will (hopefully) work in all cases. It is also backwards
> >compatible with other programs (UPS watchdogs etc) this way.
> You might consider putting the symbolic link in the main installation
> rather than the postinst (I may be wrong but having dpkg manage the
> file seems easier administratively).  And I think relative symbolic
> links are to be preferred too.  But no objection (from me :) in any
> case.

I think you're right. When we feel the symlink isn't needed anymore it
could be deleted from sysvinit-xx.deb and dpkg would automatically
remove it when upgrading the sysvinit package. Thanks.

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