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Bug#2087: ppmforge seg faults

Package: pbmplus
Version: 10dec91 Rev 2

ppmforge -stars produces an image which appears to be truncated, then
  stops with a Segmentation fault error.

% ppmforge -stars 0 > junk
ppmforge: planet: -seed 1357751156 -dimension 2.40 -power 1.20 -mesh 256
ppmforge:         -inclination 18 -hour 12 -ice 0.40 -glaciers 0.75
ppmforge:         -stars 0 -saturation 125.
Segmentation fault

This error appears to be independent of the numeric option given to
stars.  That is, the program also segfaults with "-stars 100".

If one then attempts to show the output image with 'xv', the result is
an error message "junk:  file appears to be truncated".  Despite this,
xv succeeds in showing that part of the image which is not truncated (which is
98% of it).

Two other options fail in the same way:
    ppmforge -clouds
    ppmforge -planet

The portion of the image which is being truncated can be illustrated
fairly dramatically using:
    ppmforge -clouds | xv -root -quit -

On the other hand, this succeeds:
    ppmforge -stars
Interestingly, this is the only one of the options which produces
only black and white output.

This system has:
ii  base            0.93.6 13   Debian Base System Miscellaneous Files
ii  image           1.2.13 5    Linux kernel binary image.
ii  ldso            1.7.10 1    The Linux dynamic linker, library and utilities
ii  libc            4.6.27 6    The Linux C library.
ii  pbmplus        10dec91 2    An extended portable bitmap toolkit.
ii  xlib             3.1.2 2    XFree86 3.1.2 shared libraries.
ii  xs3              3.1.2 1    XFree86 3.1.2 S3 server.
ii  xv               3.10a 1    Interactive image display for the X Window Syst

Susan Kleinmann

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