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Too much information! (And what to do about it.)

With all of the new developers that are joining the Project and the
number of new packages that are resulting from their involvement, it's
becoming increasingly difficult, especially for newer users who aren't
exactly sure what to look for, to browse the archive of packages
without becoming overwhelmed at its sheer size.  It's certainly great
that all of these new packages are becoming available, but it's also
presenting a problem for us, a problem which we need to address soon.

What I propose we do is separate the "distribution" or "system"
packages (those packages that constitute a complete system--definitely
Base, Important, and Standard packages, and possibly Optional
packages, too) from the "application" or "extra" packages that
generally wouldn't be considered "part of an operating system".

With two such trees, the distribution would be far easier to manage.

Comments?  Now would be the perfect time to do something like this;
many mirror sites are going to have to redownload everything anyway.

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